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Meeting Activists from Armenia at Ukraine’s Maidan: Epress.am Exclusive

Epress.am journalists, who these days are working in Ukraine, met at the Maidan in Kiev activists from Armenia Aren Manukyan and Suren Sahakyan, who expressed their opinions on past and current events in the country.

Manukyan said: "The first impression is that a huge amount of and very organized work has been done here in the Maidan […]In some sense, they have achieved success in the first stage. But there is also the impression that this same process is interfering with Ukraine itself. That's my personal impression. They are taking no action; there not doing anything: they just stay here, blocking the city. And now they are also against new changes, new elections, to having a new president. They don't want anything; they're just sitting and interfering with the implementation of their initial demands."

"I don't agree," countered Sahakyan. "These people have not gathered here in vain. It's just that what they're gathered here for they're not doing. […] One month ago, it was a completely different situation, different expectations, and so on. It's true, they don't imagine what they want, but in any case, the mood was different, that we want a good country, and so on. Ok now the ruling power has gone, so create a good country. But they do nothing. That's the problem."

See the video for the rest of the interview (in Armenian only).