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“100 Information Heros” Includes Turkish, Russian, and Azerbaijani Journalists

For the first time ever, Reporters Without Borders (RWB) published a list of profiles of “100 information heroes” for World Press Freedom Day (May 3), reports RWB. Included in the list of "100 information heroes" are the journalists, bloggers, and civil society activists from 65 countries who made the biggest contribution to promote freedom.

"Through their courageous work or activism, these '100 heroes' helped to promote […] the freedom 'to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.'

"These ‘information heroes’ are a source of inspiration to all men and men who aspire to freedom. Without their determination and the determination of all those like them, it would be simply impossible to extend the domain of freedom.

Among the list of heroes are three Azerbaijani journalists: Malahat Nasibova, correspondent with independent news agency Turan; Ganimat Zahid, editor of the newspaper Azadliq ("Freedom"); and Khadija Ismayilova, correspondent with RFE/RL's Azerbaijan service. 

Also in the list is Turkish journalist, author of the book 1915: Armenian Genocide Hasan Cemal, who is a "regular target of hate campaigns and smears by the far right" is often also persecuted by the Turkish authorities for actively participating in Armenian-Turkish peace processes.

Also among the heroes are Russian journalists, including Svetlana Reiter, who received the Politprosvet political journalism award in 2013. She also wrote an article about the Armenian youth who was attacked by Russian nationalists and the police officers who rescued him, "suggesting that behind the stories of bloodshed and hate reported in the media, there are others of 'decency, hope and friendship'."

The complete list of "100 information heroes" can be viewed here.