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Activist Demands Public Accountability, Pickets Outside Opposition MPs’ Homes

Civic activist Vardges Gaspari picketed outside the homes of Armenian National Congress (HAK) MPs, demanding a report of the two years of their parliamentary activity, as a citizen who voted for their party. 

Today's picket Gaspari spent outside the home of HAK MP, People's Party of Armenia leader Stepan Demirchyan. 

The activist wrote his request for an activity report on a piece of paper he held in his hands, which, however, contained the words "Serzhik, murderer" and "Serzhik, scoundrel" (referring to Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan) in smaller font between the lines. 

"I do this for the pro-government media so they don't write all of a sudden, look, the pickets have reached also the homes of opposition members. I am demanding public reporting from opposition members, but we don't forget the fault of the ruling authorities," he told Epress.am. 

Gaspari said he's beginning from Demirchyan's home because the MP is a member of the parliamentary Standing Committee on Protection of Human Rights and Public Affairs, which is an area that is a priority for him. 

Gaspari's two other demonstrations will be held outside the homes of HAK faction leader Levon Zurabyan and HAK faction secretary Aram Manukyan. 

According to Gaspari, the parliamentary activities of HAK MPs Nikol Pashinyan, Hrant Bagratyan, and Aram Manukyan are visible to him. 

Present at the demonstration was People's Party of Armenia secretary Stepan Minasyan. Speaking to Epress.am, Minasyan said Gaspari has never contacted his party with a request for activity reports. 

Minasyan called Gaspari's picket a fictitious action, alluding to the possibility that it might be directed by someone else.

Gaspari said that he went to the People's Party of Armenia office, but he was told that Stepan Demirchyan is ill. 

The activist also contacted Demirchyan to request that he be present at the court sessions in the case against Karabakh War veteran Volodya Avetisyan. 

On the matter of public reporting, Gaspari wrote to Demirchyan a few times on Facebook but received no replies.