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Prosperous Armenia Party Again Silent on its Position on Amended Pension Bill

Prosperous Armenia Party (BHK), breaking its promise, did not declare its position on the new pension program presented by the government after its meeting on June 17. 

BHK spokesperson Tigran Urikhanyan told reporters that not only the pension program, but also other numerous bills on the National Assembly's current agenda were discussed at the party's meeting. 

"Since you're asking about the pension [program], let me say that we are seeing a definite shift in the submitted concept, but the bill isn’t yet on the table for us to express an opinion. Let them bring [the bill] to parliament; let us become familiar with it, [then] we’ll state [our position]," he said. 

BHK MPs promised to express their opinion on the new pension program after its meeting with representatives of the Heritage Party, Armenian National Congress, and Armenian Revolutionary Federation on June 16.

Recall, the new pension bill will be discussed in parliament today, in an extraordinary parliamentary session. However, yesterday, the government approved amendments proposed by the RA Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs. These are already known and were discussed at the June 16 meeting of the four non-ruling parties. 

Under the new bill, only civil servants will be required to make contributions to a mandatory pension fund. 

As reported by the Epress.am correspondent, appropriate conditions for journalists were not provided during the BHK's June 17 meeting. Throughout the entire meeting, journalists were left standing at the entrance to the party's central office, while strong winds blew. Security officers didn't allow them to wait inside, in the waiting room, allowing only Kentron TV's reporter and camera operator to enter. Note, Kentron TV belongs to BHK leader Gagik Tsarukyan.