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Lowering Price of Consumer Gas is Possible: Opposition MP

Armenian National Congress (HAK) faction secretary Aram Manukyan believes that not 50 people but everyone should've participated in yesterday's protest against the electricity price hike.

"It's sad that we have an armchair opposition. It's an opposition with Facebook 'likes'. But you won't fight against [Armenian President] Serzh [Sargsyan’s] appetite with such an opposition," said the deputy, speaking to reporters. 

On the topic of the use of force by police, Manukyan said: "They want to break those 50 people who took to the street so that people won't protest later."

The MP once again declared that the increase in the price of electricity is not justified, since, for instance, after the price of gas increased, the electricity price should've increased by 1.2 AMD per kWh and not 8 AMD. Note, the rate last year went from 30 to 38 AMD/kWh, and now the RA Public Services Regulatory Commission wants to increase it an additional 4 AMD per kWh.

Since the National Assembly gas commission's preliminary findings are already known, Manukyan said his suspicions are substantiated by facts. 

"I participated in this commission only [to determine] that I was right. All the doubts that I had have been proven. The accumulation and assessment of the debt are unlawful; the price increase is unfounded; they increased their staff by 1,000 people and raised each person's salary; the expenses are exaggerated; and all this is at our throats. If our commission works well, in the fall we have to present a demand to lower the price of gas because this is definitely possible. What's good about the commission is that my remarks are proven with documents," he said.

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