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“Who Asked You to Kill My Child Then Give Money For the Funeral?”: Meeting with Armenian Defense Minister

Nana Muradyan (pictured, left), mother of military conscript Valery Muradyan who died during his army service under non-combat conditions, at a meeting with RA Minister of Defense Seyran Ohanyan (pictured, right) tried to find out how much her family received from the ministry — a matter that Margarita Khachatryan through various people recently brought up and, according to Muradyan, with which she tried to publicly discredit her. In conversation with Epress.am, Muradyan said that after her son's death, funds to cover the funeral expenses were allocated to her from the state, which was confirmed by the defense minister. 

On June 26, Muradyan told the Epress.am correspondent that she was approached by a woman who introduced herself as Ano of the Armenian National Army who told her that on the day of her son Valeriy Muradyan's funeral, Chair of Zinvor ("soldier") Association of NGOs, mother of a deceased soldier Margarita Khachatryan (known by the nickname "Maroz") asked the Ministry of Defense to transfer money to the Muradyan family not only to cover funeral expenses, but also to purchase an apartment, to which the family, according to Ano, agreed.

Muradyan believes this was said to discredit her, as she claims she didn't receive an apartment. 

"[At the meeting,] I told Ohanyan, first, who asked you to kill my child, then give money for the funeral? When I asked how much money did you give me, he said, Mrs. Nana, don't say such a thing, that is allocated to you, nothing illegal was done — you received the amount legally allocated to you. He also told me not to pay attention to such talk, and I said, how can I not pay attention, if those people came purposefully to embarrass and disgrace me? I have nothing to be embarrassed about: I'm a parent whose child was killed in the Nagorno-Karabakh army, and if money was allocated to me for the funeral, I don't have to declare it to the whole world," she said.

According to Muradyan, the minister promised to talk about this issue also with Margarita Khachatryan. 

"We asked Ohanyan to organize a meeting with the president and to intervene to create a commission in the National Assembly, so that the cases can be submitted for public discussion. He promised, and we wrote a letter, which we will now deliver and wait," she concluded.