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Panic in Vardenis: An Azerbaijani Held Captive and Military Helicopters

The panic that prevailed in the town of Vardenis yesterday was tied to the military helicopters flying overhead, as well as news about water poisoning. Vardenis inhabitants told Epress.am that news had circulated the evening before that Azerbaijanis had approached the border, one of whom was captured in Kelbajar. 

Kelbajar residents, in conversation with the Epress.am correspondent, confirmed that at around 2 pm on Tuesday, locals noticed two Azerbaijanis in their territory, one of whom they were able to capture and deliver to law enforcement bodies, while the other was able to get away. A resident recounted that the townsfolk saw the Azerbaijanis while they were looking for a 14-year-old lost child. They were unable to explain how the Azerbaijanis appeared in their town, past the border guards. Locals also didn't say whether the captured Azerbaijani was a soldier or civilian. 

The three-day panic in Vardenis was great: the Armenian Armed Forces' helicopters were flying over their town, while rumours circulated among residents that the Azerbaijanis had poisoned the water and so they shouldn't drink from it. 

"Today military helicopters flew overhead; it's a very unfamiliar situation; we don't know what's happening. Everyone is saying something, but nothing is explained clearly," one of the residents told Epress.am yesterday.