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Defendant in “Gang Case” Transferred to Psychiatric Ward

Defendant in the "gang case" Kyaram Amoyan, whose case was separated from the main case and is being examined separately, about a month ago was transferred to the psychiatric ward of the Hospital for Convicts, Amoyan's attorney Samvel Hovhannisyan informed Epress.am today. The attorney said at the last court hearing he made a motion to transfer Amoyan to civilian psychiatric hospital. 

Amoyan's case was once again postponed at the Court of General Jurisdiction of Kentron and Nork-Marash Administrative Districts of Yerevan today, as the defendant was unable to appear in court. Also absent was the prosecuting attorney. Before the hearing was adjourned, Amoyan's attorney addressed the court, asking it to consider his motion, taking into account that the defendant is already receiving mental health care at the Hospital for Convicts. 

The attorney said that, according to experts, Amoyan needs at least 6 months of psychiatric care. 

Recall, after Amoyan's arrest in 2011, the young man's mother repeatedly held protests outside the president's residence, protesting the criminal case against her son, the alleged torture applied to him in custody, contempt for her right to visit him, and the lack of medical care. 

For a long time she asked that her son be transferred to a civilian hospital, expressing willingness to cover all the hospital expenses. Amoyan's mother's request was not fulfilled for a long time, and the young man's health deteriorated. 

Recall, five people were arrested and accused of committing burglary in September 2011. The accused (and their lawyers) claim that they are being tortured and testimony obtained under torture shouldn't be admitted in court and become grounds for prosecution. 

One of the accused, 41-year-old Arman Dallakyan, died on September 7, 2013, at the Hospital for Convicts. His mother told Epress.am that not only was her son beaten, but also his parents weren't allowed to take him his medication.