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Armenian Business Owner’s Conduct not to be Investigated

Law enforcement will not conduct a criminal investigation in regards to yesterday’s incident, when Vosku Shuka (Gold Market) owner Vagharsh Abrahamyan broke merchants tables and showcases. The Police’s public relations department representative Armen Malkhasyan informed Epress.am about the non-case.

Recall, that Abrahamyan broke the property of and expelled 5 renters from selling gold at his market. He had earlier informed people that whoever participated at the protest against “The Law on Turnover Tax” will not be allowed to work at the market.

“We haven’t received any reports about any offense,” explaining the reasoning behind the decision, said Malkhasyan. In regards to media released video footage as a potential report, Malkhasyan responded, “but the video does not reveal whose table it is and who the sufferer is.”

“Maybe that would be made clear under a criminal case?” prompted the journalist. Malkhasyan, however, continued to claim that the police did not receive any complaints. Recall, that yesterday Epress.am’s journalist spoke to Abrahamyan while he left the building, asking him why he fired people. “Let them go protest!” he answered.

He added that he “punished” his renters, who protested against the new law.