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Armenian Parliament Rejects Bill Supporting Border Villages

Today, the National Assembly rejected a bill presented by Armenian National Congress (HAK) MP Nikol Pashinyan, called “About the Republic of Armenia’s Border Communities”; 54 'abstained', 40 'yes', and 3 'no' during the vote. The bill called for certain privileges for border village residents.

Armenian Republican Party (HHK) and a part of Prosperous Armenia Party (BHK) voted to abstain, which overturned the bill. BHK MP Stepan Margaryan said that he wished the government would write a larger bill and submit it, because Pashinyan’s presented bill only partially solved issues.  

Heritage Party MP Zaruhi Postanjyan, who recently returned from Tavush, said that the issue is urgent and that they should not wait until the government discussed the issue.

The bill was voted ‘yes’ by Armenian National Congress (HAK), Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF), Heritage Party, Rule of Law Party (OEK) and a portion of Prosperous Armenia Party (BHK), which was not sufficient enough to pass the law.

Recall, that Pashinyan’s bill specifically suggests that;

1. A 50% decreased in electricity, natural gas, drinking and irrigation water fees.

2. Border village residents will be freed from land tax and real estate tax

3. Residents left homeless after Azerbaijani armed attacks will be provided a home with equivalent costs in the same community within 1 month.

4. Citizens injured from Azerbaijani armed attacks will be provided medical treatment paid by the Armenian State Budget.

5. The State budget will provide border village communities help for daily health needs and support young families.