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Certain Points for Armenia’s EEU Membership are Unconstitutional, says Expert

If Armenia signs its accession treaty into the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) in Minsk on October 10, then a few sectors will lose there official independence, says “Union of Informed Citizens” NGO representative Daniel Ioannisyan.

He noted, that the accession treaty contradicts certain parts of the Armenian constitution and other legislation. The Constitution specifically allows the Armenian government to realize and run the country’s financial, credit, and tax policies and that function can not be transferred to another body, which will happen after entering the EEU, because there will a line of issues that will be decided on by the Moscow commission.

“The dangers are many. For example, its a danger to lose our economic independence. In this sector; the customs sector, in regards to foreign economic relations, we are losing a 100% of our independence in foreign economic trade and our state functions are being transferred to Moscow. While conducting negotiations with the World Trade Organization, which works to lower tariffs between all country in world, those dealings will now have to take place through Moscow officially,” said Ioannisyan.

According to Ioannisyan, the above issue is the reason why the NGO is demanding a public referendum to take place, because independence is something obtained through a referendum, and only through a referendum can some of the elements be given to Moscow. However, Ioannisyan added, that giving away independence is not a good thing.

“In essence, the EEU treaty can be named an economic capitalist contract,” stated Ioannisyan.