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Dead Soldier’s Family Informed of NKR Court Verdict After 3 Weeks

While the parents of Arman Muradyan, a soldier who died in NKR, have been demanding to have their son’s court case transferred to Armenia from the NKR capital Stepanakert, the NKR court already decided on a verdict. Today, Arman Muradyan’s father Hovsep Muradyan told Epress.am about the latter. According to him, the family learned of the verdict when they called the court to ask why the next court date was being delayed.

“It was on December 2nd and they told us that the verdict was given on November 11. This is a recurrent illegal action. We demanded that the verdict at least be sent to us, so we can appeal it,” said Hovsep Muradyan.

The Muradyan family representative lawyer Tigran Muradyan told Epress.am that they are preparing to submit a suit against Datalex Electronic Management and Information Service system. The Datalex site, which submits information about case proceedings under review, did not place any information about the verdict on Arman Muradyan's case. They did not even verbally tell the Muradyans what punishment the defendant Major Emil Avetisyan received.

Recall, that the Muradyan’s family boycotted the trial proceedings claiming that it is a violation of the Constitution and legal code and that Armenian courts can not convene in foreign states like Nagorno-Karabakh. Muradyan demanded that the trial be transferred to Armenia, however his demand was rejected.

Today, the dead soldier’s father wrote complaints to the Ombusdman Karen Andreasyan, Minister of Defense Seyran Ohanyan, Justice Department head Karen Poladyan, and the presiding Judge A. Mnatsakanyan. Muradyan has noted multiple times that he does not believe his son committed suicide. A military expert also rejected the official stance of suicide.

“According to the confirmed facts of the criminal case, mayor Emil Avetisyan cursed, hit, and denigrated my son, seconds later they found a firearm wound on his corpse, however, at a certain stage of the criminal case the incidents changed and covered up the real circumstances.They’ve made it so Major Emil Avetisyan's actions and my son’s death were never connected. According to the criminal case, my son, not being able to bear the officer cursing, hitting, and denigrated him, committed suicide. However, in order to relieve the officer from criminal liabilities, he was only charged with cursing and hitting a soldier,” said the letter written by Muradyan to the Ministry of Defense.