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Republican MP Justifies Attack on Aram Manukyan by Explaining the Notion of Democracy

Yesterday, Republican Party faction member, General Seyran Saroyan justified the attack on Armenian National Congress faction secretary Aram Manukyan and called the suspected attacker a “dignified guy.”

“Our friend Aram Manukyan can curse our Republic’s president in front of the public. If we had slapped our friend in the National Assembly at the time, then today that man would not have slapped him. Now we are all to blame that we weren't man enough to get up and smack him and say Aram, how dare you curse the president in public. When you were cursing him, did you not think that a righteous guy would come and punch you in the face?” said Saroyan, adding that everyone condemns the attack but no one speaks about reasons behind it. According to General Saroyan, democracy is “not about cursing” and later not being held responsible for it.

“We have to speak in the people’s language so they understand us. Aram Manukyan, why would you curse even a regular guy, you’re a civilized man. When Shmice (Republican Party faction MP Arakel Movsisyan) curses, to hell with him, but what are you cursing for, dude. Be it a driver, an average laborer, he has more dignity than all of combined,” stated the Republican faction member.

Recall, this September during the trio’s rally in the city of Abovyan, Aram Manukyan had stated “but there exists another people, which I am proud of, which is your type (of people) who say ‘screw Serzh, and Sashik (president’s brother), and Mishik (president's son-in-law), I’m the master of my country.'”

General Saroyan also discussed the attacks on veterans in his speech. Saroyan said that they were personal arguments between deputy-police chief Levon Yeranosyan and veteran Razmik Petrosyan. Last week, the Zhoghovurd daily had reported that Petrosyan was beaten on Yeranosyan’s orders.

“They are military buddies. Today, if Lyova (Levon Yeranosyan) and Razmik (Petrosyan) resolve their problems, we will all be ashamed and be the bad guy. Let’s keep calm, we have no business with the veterans, we will find a solution together with our friends, whoever's at fault, we can say to their faces 'are you a jackass, what are you doing?'” said Saroyan.