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Police Push and Pull Protesters In Front of Russian Embassy (PHOTO)

Today, at 3 PM, some few dozen people protested in front of the Russian Embassy in Yerevan demanding that the Russian side hand over the right of the Gyurmri murder case’s investigation to Armenian law enforcement bodies.

The protesters held posters in Russian, which read “The Law is Above Imperial Ambitions,” “Your Spirituality is Killing our Children”, etc.

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The protesters near the embassy noted that a fair investigation should take place for the murder case by Armenian law enforcement, because there is a possibility that the accused soldier Valery Permyakov did not act alone; to date, the public has been presented with the hypothesis of a single shooter.

During the protest, police officers, without any explanation, halted protesters from getting near the embassy’s gates. At some point during the protest, a few young protesters decided to burn the Russian flag but other participants did not allow them to. The police attempted to capture the flag from one of the participants, which resulted in a skirmish. When passions subsided in the crowd, the protesters began singing the Armenian national anthem.

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Afterwards, police began pushing and pulling the participants, including journalists. A special squadron was sent to the protest. According to our journalist, police have taken into custody director Tigran Khzmalyan and two youths.