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“Fatherhood Is Not a Biological Phenomenon”; Man Refuses to Return Baby to Its Mother

Edison Adyan (pictured) denies that he kidnapped Narine Nikoghosyan’s child, claiming to be its father; and the father can not be charged with kidnapping his child. Narine Nikoghosyan had taken Adyan to court for kidnapping her baby, and Adyan responded to the woman’s claims during a press conference today.

Narine Nikoghosyan had stated earlier that Adyan, while not being the child’s father, took advantage of her post-partum helpless and emotional state and tricked her into signing his name as the father of the child and kidnapped the newborn. “I will not give back the child. Only over my dead body,” stated Edison Adyan today, adding that he’s “forced to go public.”

Instead of speaking about the rights of the child’s mother, Adyan spoke about Narine Nikoghosyan’s morality; “she worked and lived in a hotel, she had no other place, which already explains her morality, but regardless, that isn’t important,” “she doesn’t even know who the child’s father is.”

Adyan, nevertheless, stated that he was the father, because he had sexual relations with the woman, while Nikoghosyan’s objective was not to receive the child back but to “snatch money” from him.

“When Narine was 4 months pregnant, she came to me and asked for $1,000, said she wanted to abort the baby. I said, ‘have the child, keep it at my brother’s house, and I’ll help.’ She said ‘no, I don’t want children.' I called my wife. She agreed to take in the child. Nikoghosyan wants $25,000 from me, I don’t have that much money, even if I had it, I wouldn’t give it. Her breast was bursting with milk, but she wouldn’t give it to the child, we had to feed it with instant formula,” said the man during the press conference.

Claiming that he is the child’s father, Adyan, nonetheless, does not wish to take a DNA test.

“Since when is biology a criteria for fatherhood. Fatherhood is recognizing, accepting, keeping an infant child. The child is already 2 years old, what does being the biological father matter at this point? Are there few biological fathers who don't even give 5,000 dram alimony to their children?” said Adyan’s lawyer Karen Sardaryan.

Recall, that in an earlier court hearing Narine Nikoghosyan stated that the child’s biological father was willing to give testimony. Sardaryan advised her to submit a civil suit demanding her child back. 

Previosuly, in an interview with Epress.am, Nikoghosyan had stated that she wished to subject the kidnapper to criminal liability.

The woman will protest in front of the General Prosecutor’s office tomorrow, March 3, related to the kidnapping of her child.