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Catholicos Karekin II’s Daughter Owns a Pharmacy in Yerevan

The daughter of Catholicos Karekin II, Supreme Patriarch and Catholicos of All Armenians and head of the Armenian Apostolic Church, owns a pharmacy on Saryan St., Yerevan, Armenian Hraparak daily was informed by a source close to Karekin II. According to the informant, the daughter's name is Khatun; she was named after the Patriarch's mother. 

A reporter from the daily visited “Curatio” pharmacy, located on 16 Saryan St., and asked for Khatun Ktrijovna (Ktrij is the Patriarch's birth name). However, the latter was not there. The employees of the pharmacy attempted to contact her, but to no avail. 

Later, a man called Artur phoned the reporter and introduced himself as the manager of the pharmacy: “If you need Khatun Ktrijovna on some unrelated issue, then you should meet with her personally. However, if your inquires are in relation to the pharmacy, then I am the man to talk to.”

To the reporter's question, how Khatun Ktrijovna was related to the pharmacy, the man answered: “Dear, that is none of your business.”

Web searches by the daily revealed a woman named Khatun Ktrijovna Grigoryants; she is a gynecologist and works at “Sourb Astvatsamayr” (St. Mary) Medical Centre in Yerevan.

“The name is so unique that the chances of error are almost nonexistent. And the pharmacy manager who addressed us as “dear” is Artur Cherkezyan, a reanimatologist,” the paper concludes.