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Criminal Case Against “Gazprom Armenia” Dismissed

The Armenian Police has dismissed the criminal case initiated based on a complaint by farmer Samvel Harutyunyan into the fact of “Gazprom Armenia” company committing forgery, as stated by Harutyunyan to Epress.am.

The farmer claimed in his suit that the company had used an official fabrication to overturn the verdict of the Court of First Instance in the RA Court of Appeal and avoid paying compensation to Harutyunyan. Recall, according to the verdict “Gazprom Armenia” had illegally suspended Harutyunyan's gas supply, which resulted in his harvest freezing in the greenhouse, costing him 4,400,000 AMD ($9,000+/-) worth of damages. The farmer also applied to the European Court of Human Rights with the same issue, where proceedings have been instituted.

Harutyunyan said on Monday, April 6, that he has already lodged a complaint against the dismissal to the Court of General Jurisdiction of Kentron and Nork-Marash Administrative Districts. “The Court of First Instance had found “Gazprom Armenia” guilty of illegally suspending my gas supply and obligated the company to pay me a compensation in the amount of 4,400,000 AMD. When the company appealed the verdict to the Court of Appeals, they presented a fabricated contract between us based on a false copy, which I hadn't signed or seen before. This is how they managed to overturn the verdict. The fabrication has also been proven by the Expertise Center of the RA Ministry of Justice. The Court of Appeal rejected my complaint, the European Court of Human Rights, however, didn't,” the farmer said.

Harutyunyan also said they have been informed at the court that his complaint against the dismissal of the case is set to be examined by judge Armen Bektashyan.

“This is absurd, considering that Bektashyan, when he was still a judge at the Court of General Jurisdiction of Arabkir and Kanaker-Zeytun Administrative Districts, rejected another complaint submitted by me on the basis of a fabricated document. Therefore, there is a conflict of interest here. My lawyer will file a motion for the judge's recusal,” Harutyunyan said.