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Mass Mobilization: Armenian Demonstrators Form New Agenda

Protesters against the hike in electricity rates in Armenia are using social media to spread information on the new stage of the protest action; on Tuesday, they shared the agenda for June 30 on Facebook:

“Protest action against the illegal rise in electricity rates continues. Authorities are using all means possible in order to divide the protesters, to label and dishearten people, as well reduce the amplitude of the movement.

“We would like to remind you that none of the public's three demands have been fulfilled yet.

“In this situation, mobilization of social forces is vital. The physical presence of each and everyone can play a crucial role in the further development of the fight. 

“On June 29, some of the demonstrators created open working groups: it was decided that there would be round-the-clock watch on Baghramyan Avenue, an information stand would be set up, [the groups] would organize events, concerts, special performances, and public discussions.

“What you can do:

– Take part in the public discussions organized on Baghramyan Avenue daily at 8:30 PM;

– Join the working groups and/or create your own group (information on the creation of groups can be obtained during the public discussions);

– Take part in the round-the-clock sit-in, keep watch;

– Share this leaflet through Facebook and other networks;

– Spread information through Facebook and other networks.”

Facebook user Helena Melqonyan, in turn, wrote on her personal page that book reading would be organized on Baghramyan Avenue at 6 PM on Tuesday.

“Bring your favorite books, and we'll read excerpts from all of them,” the user wrote.