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Armenian Woman Denied Custody of Minor Daughter; Deems Court Ruling Unjust

General Jurisdiction Court of First Instance of Armenian Lori province, presided by Judge Borik Grigoryan, dismissed the lawsuit filed by Berd resident Syuzanna Grigoryan demanding custody of her minor daughter [ARM].

In an interview with Epress.am, the mother said that at the end of the child custody hearing Judge Grigoryan appealed informally to the girl's parents, their friends and relatives, urging them not to turn the child into a “subject of bargaining.”

Note, Grigoryan demanded custody of her daughter since, according to the woman, her former husband, Arkady Gevorgyan, had used physical and psychological violence against her and her mother and did not care for the child up until the latter was 4 years old. Five years ago, the woman claims, Gevorgyan kicked her out of their house, saying he did not need a child, and the pregnancy should be terminated. Subsequently, as stated by Syuzanna Grigoryan, he took the 4-year-old daughter away from the mother and said he “did not need a psycho wife.”

“The court based its decision on the fact that our apartment is smaller. However, that's a false reason. I can live alone, if need be. Although, my daughter and I have lived with my mother for 4 years and the space was never small. I have presented documents to the court that I am employed and I receive enough money to raise a child,” Grigoryan said.

The woman has appealed the verdict to the RA Court of Appeal.

In the past, Arkady Gevorgyan was found guilty in theft of the woman's documents and fined AMD 200.000. Her former husband, Grigoryan claims, has used physical violence against her, which, however, she was unable to prove since Gevorgyan kept her locked up until the traces of violence on her body disappeared.