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Anti-Government Activist Says Sargsyan’s ‘Minions’ Should Not Be Allowed to Forge Referendum Results

Serzh Sargsyan, unable to find a suitable candidate to replace him in the presidential post, initiated the constitutional changes to ensure the longevity of his clan, Levon Barseghyan, Head of the Gyumri-based Asparez Journalists' Club said during the rally on Friday against the constitutional reforms project put forward by the Armenian President.

Barseghyan, who is a member of the city's Council of Elders, stressed that ''the same scribblers who've written the new draft Constitution had also penned the Constitution in 2005, promising there would be no more problems;'' however, that did not prevent then President Robert Kocharyan from employing border troops against peaceful protesters during the 2008 post-election unrest.

''Serzh Sargsyan has usurped the power [in Armenia] at the expense of the 10 killed and 1, 400 arrested on March 1, [2008]. Serzhik [sic] has come up with [the reforms] for his clan's longevity.  He, however, promises to never ask for a position for himself.  How many of you believe his promises? 7 years ago he promised there would be no homeless in the disaster zone. There are 4000 homeless families in Gyumri. This man is unaware what is happening in the country,'' Barseghyan stated.

He noted the important role of observers at the polling stations on constitutional reforms referendum day scheduled for later this year: ''There should be at least 2 [observers] at each polling station. There are two thousand stations. We need four thousand solid people – strong, smart, and willful – to be able to keep adequate control over [the referendum] and to prevent Serzh's minions from manipulating the results.''

If Sargsyan manages to forge the votes, Barseghyan added, then ''we all deserve what he's done to us.'' 

''There is no room to retreat; everyone is sick and tired of [Sargsyan]. We shall not concede anything, people,'' the speaker announced.