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Goris Residents Anger Armenian President by Raising Their Issues: Press

Vachagan Adonts, Mayor of the town of Goris in Armenia's southern Syunik Province, denied that President Serzh Sargsyan was supposed to take part on October 13 in the opening ceremony of the renovated Grigor Tatevatsi Square in Goris and cut the red tape. In an interview with local “Haykakan Zhamanak” newspaper, the Mayor said the opening of the square was not expected to take place during Sargsyan's visit to the town, and the red tape had been tied to separate the area. The President, Adonts added, only stopped nearby the square to speak with the citizens.

Goris Press Club reported on Tuesday that Goris residents had been waiting for the ceremony in the square since early morning; however, “the President stopped at the square for only a couple of minutes and was approached by a few citizens, after which he quickly got into his car and left.”

According to “Zhoghovurd” paper, the people who approached Sargsyan started to talk about their problems, which angered the head of the country, and he left without waiting for the opening ceremony. Meanwhile, the Armenian President's press service reported that in Goris Sargsyan met with the locals and talked to them on a variety of topics and issues concerning the community.

Despite the Goris Mayor's claims that the opening ceremony of the square was not planned during Sargsyan's visit, “Haykakan Zhamanak” continues, a photo published by the Goris Press Club shows the carpet, the red tape and, next to it, a small table with a pair of scissors on it.