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Gyumri Massacre Suspect’s Father Believes Son Is Innocent

Pavel Permyakov, father of 102nd Russian military base soldier Valery Permyakov accused of murdering seven members of the Avetisyan family in Armenia's second largest city of Gyumri, claimed in an interview with local 168.am his son did not have any mental disorders. Note, information about the soldier's alleged substance abuse problems and mental health issues was first released by Russian law enforcement agencies conducting the investigation. 

During an October 16 press conference, Lusine Sahakyan, legal representative of the victims' successors, said that, based on the documents provided by the Russian side, Permyakov was not even fit for an armed military service. 

“A lot has been said, a lot has been written. None of that is true. He has not been treated by psychologists; he was a completely normal, adequate boy,” the soldier's father told the outlet. He added that as a child his son was a “normal, poised kid.” 

Pavel Permyakov has not seen or talked to the accused since the arrest; he was denied permission by the military unit. In the mean time, the father believes there is no way his son could have possibly committed the crime. “How do I know what happened? How can I say anything? I have no idea what could have happened there. We do not believe he is guilty, we do not accept the punishment because we're sure he did not do it. It will all become clear after I see and talk to him.”