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Family of 26-Year-Old Armenian Woman Blames Doctors for Stillbirth

Armenian Zhoghovurd newspaper reports that “another stillbirth” was recorded at Yerevan's “Shengavit” Medical Center on November 19. 36 weeks pregnant Larisa Shahbazyan, 26, as stated by the woman's relatives, was redirected to “Shengavit” from the Armavir medical center. 

“[Larisa] underwent labor induction twice during her stay in 'Shengavit.' Later, when she was sent to examination, doctors announced cardiac arrest in the fetus,” the paper quoted the relatives as saying.

Shahbazyan's family blames doctors for the incident and intends to file a report with law enforcement agencies. Speaking to News.am (AM) “Shengavit” MC Deputy CEO, MD David Mkhitaryan said “the umbilical cord was wrapped around the baby in the womb.”

“The woman came to us with complaints 12 days before the incident. We identified the problem and decided to hospitalize her. During these 12 days she was being prepared for a premature delivery in the Department of Pathology,” the MD stressed.

Mkhitaryan added that on November 19 on-call doctor Ani Sirunyan decided to induce labor and deliver the baby. “[Shahbazyan] was examined twice during this period. Then the doctors delivered another baby by c-section, and when they left the operating room, they found out [Larisa’s baby] had no heartbeat. Only then did we see that the cord was wrapped [around the baby].”

Zhoghovurd recalls that on July 29, 2015, Mary Margaryan and her newborn child died in the same medical center. Margaryan's relatives claim the young woman had continuous fever for two days, however, doctors refused to hospitalize her.

According to the paper, Margaryan was also under the care of Ani Sirunyan, who is involved as a witness in the criminal case into the woman's death. “Note, there's one more witness in this case – doctor Shushanik Bakhshyan,” Zhoghovurd writes.