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Office of Armenia’s ‘Weak and Spineless’ Ombudsman Stained on Human Rights Day (Photo)

Unnamed activists doused on December 10 the front door of Armenian Ombudsman's office with pink paint, making their message clear in an accompanying text:

– Today, December 10, Human Rights Day is celebrated in Armenia and across the world. However, Armenia's Human Rights Defender, the very institution designed to protect our rights, is apparently weak and spineless. It has neither the tools nor the independent power to fulfill this mission.

At the same time, we realize that the Eurocentric human rights system is unable to fully protect the rights and interests of oppressed groups not only in Armenia, but also all around the world. In fact, it is designed to mask the gap between the privileged and the oppressed, perpetuating the status quo.

No one will protect your rights better than you: not the next paid Human Rights Defender, not the dear President, not the Party, not the Hero. Only by realizing their own immediate interests and not relying on someone else will the oppressed be able to become liberated.

Meanwhile, it's essential to recognize once and for all that if the strategy and tactics of the struggle are limited by those privileged by the authorities, then this struggle is doomed to fail. A casino never loses, and winners only legitimize its existence.

Be bold, be unpredictable. Go out into the streets!


Photo – Hetq.am