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Gyumri Massacre Suspect Pleads Guilty to Murder

Valery Permyakov, a Russian soldier accused of murdering a Gyumri family of seven on January 12, 2015, pleaded guilty on Friday to all charges against him.  The 19-year-old could receive a life sentence, if convicted.

At the start of the hearing, the defendant was read the charges by presiding judge Harutyun Movsesyan and asked for a plea. Permyakov then pleaded guilty “to everything” – including shooting six members of the Avetisyan family, among them a 2-year-old girl, to death and seriously wounding by stabbing the family’s 7th member – 6-month-old Seryozha Avetisyan who died a week later in the hospital.

Permyakov has already been sentenced to 10 years' imprisonment by a Russian garrison court in August, 2015, on separate charges of desertion, stealing and illegally carrying weapons.

During the hearing today testimony from first witness Rima Petrosyan, a relative of the victims, was interrupted after she suddenly felt unwell. The court then announced a break, after which the trial was adjourned until January 29.