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Owner Says, Republican Oligarch Not Related to Yerevan Store Explosion

Following the explosion that occurred in a Yerevan store on January 19, 2016, owner Susanna Hoveyan had announced that she suspected ruling Republican Party MP, oligarch Samvel Aleksanyan of organizing the blast. In a recent interview with Armtimes.com, however, Hoveyan said she had changed her mind and was now convinced Aleksanyan had had nothing to do with the attack.

The lawmaker, she added, is “doing everything in his powers to help solve the investigation.”

Below is the website's conversation with Susanna Hoveyan:

– Mrs. Susanna, do you have any news about the explosion in your store?

– [My husband and I] were questioned as part of the criminal case. Investigation is currently underway; however, I want to take back what I've said before about suspecting Samvel Aleksanyan, because I now suspect someone else. 

– Who? Can you name [the suspect]?

– I can't give you a specific name now since [the suspect] has no relation to any [public figure]. I'll let you know as soon as I know for sure.

– What made you change your mind about Samvel Aleksanyan?

– Because Aleksanyan also wants the case to be solved.

– So, you've talked to him, and he has told you this personally?

– Correct. You know, I [said I suspected Aleksanyan] in the heat of the moment. After more careful consideration, I decided that there could have been other people. But I can't name anyone now.

– Have you told the preliminary investigation body that Aleksanyan has had nothing to do [with the explosion].

– Yes, I have. I have no complaints or suspicions about Aleksanyan whatsoever.

– Have you talked to Aleksanyan after the incident?

– You should stop calling his name.

– I'm just asking… When have you talked to him and what convinced you that Samvel Aleksanyan had no connection with the case?

– I haven't talked to him. I have already told you that I suspect someone else, and this person has no relation to [Aleksanyan]. I know that he is doing everything in his power to solve the case.

– You said earlier that you had talked to him.

– No, I haven't.

– Who, in that case, has talked to him? Your husband?

– Just write what I'm telling you. I'll let you know if there's any more news, and you'll publish that as well.

– Mrs. Susanna, have you been terrorized?

– No, I haven't. I'm not scared. And besides, Aleksanyan is a man, and I – a woman. I haven't even met him for him to be able to terrorize me. If I were scared, I wouldn't have named him in the first place.

– Do you know whether Aleksanyan has been questioned as part of the investigation?

– No, I don't.