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Gaspari Removed from Court for ‘Disruptive Behavior’

Shengavit district court judge Nelly Baghdasaryan Monday removed civic activist Vardges Gaspari from the courtroom for 6 judicial hours for disruptive behavior and contempt of court as the activist lay on the ground once again, refusing to take part in the hearing.

Gaspari, who was recently taken into custody for a week in a Yerevan jail for boycotting his trial on charges of insulting a police officer and the judge presiding over the case, tried to talk in court today about the inhuman and degrading treatment he was subjected to by Nubarashen cellmates. The judge, however, did not allow Gaspari to finish his speech, saying the defendant could speak for no longer than 30 seconds.

After several fruitless attempts at making Gaspari “behave properly,” judge Baghdasaryan had court bailiffs take the activist by his limbs and take him out of the courtroom. The hearing was soon adjourned until March 3 since the defendant's lawyers refused to stay in court without their client.