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Yerevan Prisoner Being Tortured, Monitoring Group Says

According to a statement issued Wednesday by the group of public observers conducting monitoring of Armenia’s correctional institutions, administration of Yerevan’s Nubarashen prison has done nothing to improve detention conditions for seriously ill convict Hrachya Gevorgyan.

“As of June 15, the same problems that were observed during our previous visits persisted; Gevorgyan’s conditions have not improved at all. The monitoring group again condemns the treatment of the prisoner and defines it as torture. We remind that it is the state’s positive obligation to ensure appropriate detention conditions for prisoners that correlate with their state of health,” the statement reads. 

Helsinki Association observer Arman Veziryan, for his part, confirmed in conversation with Epress.am that Hrachya Gevorgyan is in critical condition but does not receive appropriate medical care he has been promised. Veziryan added that Gevorgyan was taken to his June 14 case hearing in a wheelchair since he was unable to walk there on his own.