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Authorities Want to Isolate Sefilyan from Society, Lawyer Says

Zhirayr Sefilyan, a leading member of Founding Parliament and New Armenia opposition movements who was taken into custody on June 20 for allegedly plotting an armed takeover of communication buildings and facilities in Yerevan, is expected to be formally charged by Thursday, Sefilyan's lawyer Gevorg Davtyan said in conversation with Epress.am. 

The lawyer believes that the oppositionist will most likely be imprisoned since authorities “are trying to isolate Sefilyan from the society.”

Zhirayr Sefilyan, according to Davtyan, has already been questioned, and his legal team have filed a motion with the investigative body to be provided with case materials related to Sefilyan "to be able to develop a further defense strategy."

Recall, according to a statement issued by Armenia’s Investigative Committee Monday, Sefilyan had allegedly formed an armed group, plotting to organize an armed takeover of the capital's important communication buildings and structures, including Yerevan’s television tower. For that purpose, the law  enforcement authorities continued, the oppositionist had organized an illegal acquisition and transport of weapons and ammunition and their storage in various locations in Yerevan. 

Sefilyan himself as well as other key members of New Armenia believes that he is being persecuted for his political views.