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Citizens Clash with Police Near Seized Yerevan Police Station (Video, Updated)

11:58 pm A video published by Lragir.am shows the previously reported about clash between law enforcement officers and the citizens – residents of the district Sari Tagh nearby the blocked area of Erebuni – who attempted to enter the cordoned off area outside the seized Yerevan police station:

Video by Tehmine Yenoqyan

10:20 pm The members of the armed group occupying the Erebuni police station since Sunday fired into the air not in support of those gathered on the main street outside the building but the citizens who attempted to break through the police cordon and approach the station from the opposite side, Nikol Pashinyan told reporters.

“Police officers did not allow these people to enter the cordoned off area so the citizens started to throw stones in their direction. Four officers have been injured as a result and taken to the hospital by the ambulances seen earlier,” Pashinyan said, adding that he had not personally witnessed these events but was told about them by the police.

According to the oppositionist, none of the citizens has sustained any injuries, no one has been detained.

9:20 pm Nikol Pashinyan, a lawmaker from the opposition Armenian National Congress faction, has arrived on the scene to appeal for calm; he assured those gathered that he had reached Varuzhan Avetisyan by phone and found out that the armed group had indeed opened fire into the air “in support of the protesters.”

“There has been no armed clash inside the station. Don’t believe everything you hear as there might be people who’d want to further stir up the situation by spreading lies. Do not succumb to provocations as not everyone here is genuine in their calls against [Serzh Sargsyan],” Pashinyan told the citizens. 

8:50 pm At around 8:30 pm Tuesday, turmoil broke out on the blocked street outside the seized police station in Yerevan’s Erebuni district after gunshots were heard from the occupied territory. The citizens gathered in the cordoned area tried for a short while to break through the police wall when they saw an ambulance leaving the scene. 

The people, however, calmed down moments later after a Founding Parliament representative said Varuzhan Avetisyan – one of the men of the armed group – had told him over the phone that they had opened fire into the air as they thought the police had attacked the citizens gathered on the blocked street.