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Gaspari Goes on Hunger Strike in Solidarity with ‘Daredevils of Sasun’

Prominent civil rights activist Vardges Gaspari has launched a hunger strike in solidarity with “Daredevils of Sasun,” an armed group that has been occupying a Yerevan police station since July 17 demanding the release of jailed opposition leader Zhirayr Sefilyan and the resignation of Armenian president Serzh Sargsyan. The gunmen, according to reports from their sympathizers, have been food deprived for at least 2 days.

“[Refusing food] is least I could do in this situation,” Gaspari told an Epress.am correspondent during a Monday protest action in front of Sargsyan’s house. “I will stay hungry for as long as the group is not provided with food and proper medical treatment,” he added.


During his action, Gaspari stood on the opposite sidewalk outside Serzh Sargsyan’s house, holding posters of those who were killed in the 2008 post-elections clashes. “We won’t allow anyone to solve issues through violence; that’s our prerogative,” another one of Gaspari’s posters read, referring to Sargsyan’s earlier statement regarding the situation.