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Alaverdi Woman Bleeds to Death After Childbirth; Husband Alleges Medical Negligence

33-year-old Anzhela Ghazaryan bled to death on February 12 after giving birth at the Alaverdi medical center. Speaking to Lorinews.info, her husband, Artak Davtyan, blamed the woman’s death on medical negligence.

According to the husband, Ghazaryan had had no problems or serious complaints during pregnancy; “After a consultation on February 9, doctors insisted that she be hospitalized. I visited my wife the following two days, constantly asked the doctors whether she needed anything, medication maybe, but they said everything was being taken care of.”

On the night of February 12, however, the hospital phoned Davtyan and asked him to go there as soon as possible; “The doctors told me at the hospital that my wife was in a bad state and needed to urgently undergo surgery. It is a matter of life and death, they said, as she had begun bleeding. How come she was fine in the days prior, and now she was fighting for her life?”

According to the Investigative Committee preliminary data, Ghazaryan started bleeding immediately after giving birth at around 3 am. At 7 am on February 12, the woman died after a series of surgical procedures.

“I can only blame her death on negligence; be it on the part of the doctors or anyone else,” Davtyan told Lorinews.info.

When contacted by the news website for comment, Marine Matichyan, the woman’s obstetrician said the fatal bleeding must have had occurred due to uterine rupture; “This was her eighth pregnancy in 12 years. She had had two miscarriages and two abortions before, and this was her fourth childbirth. Maybe the uterine lining had become thinner, and the 3.7 kg baby was too big for her to bear. I don’t know, I can’t explain it. The autopsy will reveal the causes. We have done everything in our power to save the woman’s life.”

Despite Artak Davtyan telling Lorinews.info that he has not filed a complaint against the hospital, Armenia’s Investigative Committee released a statement on Friday, according to which, Lori province investigative authorities have launched a criminal investigation over the tragic incident.