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Lawyer Says Yerevan Gunmen Supporter’s Life in Danger

Artur Sargsyan, arrested on suspicion of assisting the opposition gunmen who kept a Yerevan police station under a two-week siege last summer, has been suffering from serious health problems since going on a hunger strike on the day of his second arrest, his lawyer, Davit Gyurjyan, told Epress.am on Friday. According to Gyurjyan, Sargsyan is not even able to get out of bed and go to the bathroom without the help of others.

“He has had three episodes of throwing up blood between February 15 and 19 because of erosions in the esophagus. He suffered from the same issue back in December, and the now the wound has reopened,” the lawyer said.

He added that his client has no intention of stopping his hunger strike or accepting any type of medical treatment from the prison administration.

“It’s no longer just a serious health threat; his life is in danger,” Gyurjyan said. He also informed Epress.am that the Appeal Court has yet again denied their motion to release Sargsyan from detention.