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Jailed Yerevan Gunman Ends 25-Day Hunger Strike

Daredevils of Sasun member Armen Bilyan ended a 25-day hunger strike on January 12, following a private conversation with representatives of the office of Armenia’s Human Rights Ombudsman, according to a statement issued by the Penitentiary Department of the country’s Justice Ministry. The Ombudsman’s staffers, the officials said, escorted Bilyan to the Convicts’ Hospital penitentiary.

According to the statement, Bilyan has undergone all the necessary medical examinations, received a consultation on a recommended diet following a hunger strike. Currently, Ombudsman’s representatives are also trying to assist in Smbat Barseghyan’s transfer to Convicts’ Hospital.

Recall, Daredevils of Sasun members Smbat Barseghyan and Armen Bilyan both went on a hunger strike in December to demand that they are transferred to Armavir jail from Yerevan’s Nubarashen prison. In addition, Bilyan demanded that he was provided with proper medical treatment in a civilian hospital.