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Open Letter Calls on Twin Cities to Suspend All Relations With Yerevan

Around five dozen individuals and groups have addressed an open letter to the mayors of Yerevan’s twin cities, calling for a temporary suspension of all relations with Yerevan’s City Hall until those responsible for the February 13 violence at the Council of Elders against opposition Yerkir Tsirani members have been held responsible.

Read the statement below, in full:

– Honorary Mayor,

The website of Yerevan municipality, capital of the Republic of Armenia, states your city, as one of Yerevan’s twin cities. The municipalities of the two cities have signed an agreement of friendship, partnership and mutual support.

On February 13th, 2018, unprecedented public violence was perpetuated against 2 oppositional members of the Council of Yerevan at the council meeting chaired by mayor Taron Margaryan. Marina Khachatryan and Sona Aghekyan of “Yerkir Tsirani” oppositional party intended to draw the attention of the municipal council and particularly Mayor Taron Margaryan on the years-long  neglected issue of the residents of Nubarashen District. At the request of fellow citizens, in glass jars they brought samples of the sewer water that was leaking from inside the prison of Nubarashen into the residential areas spreading intolerable odor. The aim was that the council members and the mayor temporarily feel the dire conditions in which the residents of the prison and the residential district lived in and to temporarily give a solution to the long-standing issue. At the herding of Mayor Taron Margaryan, other male council members and staff of the municipality (including Artur Gevorkyan, Davit Ohanyan, Sergey Mkrtchyan, Hovhannes Avanesyan, Edmond Kirakosyan, Vaspurak Martirosyan, Gor Vardanyan) literally  assaulted Marina Khachatryan and Sona Aghekian, publicly beat them, manhandled them, threatened and used sexual swear words against them, exerted sexual abuse and other forms of violence.

Not only did mayor Taron Margaryan not assume responsibility for the violence perpetuated at his command and in his presence, but he subsequently continued exercising various administrative repressions against the oppositional women council members. After the violent incident, the municipality has also decided from now on to illegally restrain and bar the presence of media at municipal council meetings.

10 days have passed after the perpetrated violence, however the Republican Party holding majority seats both at the municipal council and in the parliament of Armenia, has not condemned the violence. On the contrary, it has justified the brutal acts blaming the women council members and making uttery sexist statements. Some media outlets also continue publishing articles directly justifying gender-based violence and sexism.

Armenia’s law enforcement bodies reacted to the acts of violence with a great delay under the influence of public outcry and demand. The criminal investigation will be held under Articles of the Criminal Code of Armenia implying mildest punishment.

With this open letter, we, the undersigned, are pleading with you to unilaterally sever or suspend the agreement of friendship signed with the Municipality of Yerevan until the perpetrators of violence and the incumbent mayor Taron Margaryan are held responsible and the current municipal council is changed. Having a sister-city with a violent and corrupt mayor and council members does no honor to the administration and population of any city, therefore with call upon you to share our concern and renounce cooperating with a structure perpetrating violence.


Anna Nikoghosyan

Marine Margaryan

Anna Shahnazaryan

Lucine Talalyan

Susanna Gyulamiryan

Vanadzor Citizen’s Assembly, NGO

Sofya Manukyan

Armine Ishkanian

Nelli Sargsyan

Anahit Sargsyan

Ruzanna Grigoryan

Alex Sardar

Anna Zhamakochyan

Nana Mantasheva

Levon Barseghyan, Gyumri Municipal Council member

Marianna Grigoryan

Women’s Rights House, NGO

Women’s Support Center, NGO

Society Without Violence, NGO

Gevorg Kehyan


Mariam Kurshudyan

Sevan Petrossian

Anush Khachatryan

Real World, Real People, NGO

Mayranush Davtryan Gevorgyan

Lucine Navasartian

Arpi Balyan

Anahit Simonyan

Nuard Minasyan

Milena Abrahamyan

Vardine Grigoryan

EcoRight, NGO

Elvira Meliksetyan

Karen Hakobyan

Lala Aslikyan

Maral Bavakan

Alisa Qamalyan

Lida Minasyan

For Equal Rights, NGO

“Women in Black, Armenia” Initiative

Lara Aharonian

Hasmik Gevorgyan

Milena Tadukhepa

Nelli Paytyan

Karine Ghazaryan

Women’s Rights Center, NGO

Tehmine Yenoqyan

Ruzanna Tsaturyan

Sargis Kharazyan

Vahan Ishkhanyan

Zaruhi Hovhannisyan

Lucine Sargsyan

Naka Duli

Ecolur Information Center, NGO

Elmon Yegnukian

Zara Harutyunyan