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Investigators Tell Sasna Tsrer Supporter It Is Her Fault She Was Attacked

Yerevan investigators have yet to find any suspects in the February 24 attack on Armenian Women’s Front member Hasmik Sargsyan. In a conversation with Epress.am on Tuesday, the woman said she did not hope that the perpetrator would ever be found and punished.

“The investigators have done nothing since questioning me,” Sargsyan told us. Upon finding out that she believed she had been attacked for supporting the Sasna Tsrer group, she added, the investigators told her: “It’s because of the path you’ve chosen; it’s your own fault.”

Recall, Sargsyan was attacked by an unknown man on February 24 near the entrance to her apartment building. “[He] approached me and hit me in one rapid movement. He then immediately ran away. Upon entering the building, I saw a cut on the breast of my jacket where he had hit that could only have been caused by a sharp-cutting object,” Sargsyan wrote on Facebook following the attack, stressing that she had been attacked three times in the past year.

“The first attack took place on September 7, 2017 – during a hearing on Zhirayr Sefilyan’s case –  when the perpetrator stuck a 7-cm awl in front of multiple police officers into to the wheel of my car parked outside the Shengavit court,” according to the woman, the second attack occurred on December 12, 2017, in the same court.

“I can only explain all three incidents with my support for the Sasna Tsrer group. The criminal regime thus yet again shows its criminal and petty nature, but I assure you that they will never stop me,” the post read.