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Yerevan Prisoner Ends Hunger Strike

43-year-old inmate of the Nubarashen prison in Yerevan Arkadi Papyan ended his 39-day hunger strike late on Monday, his lawyer Amram Makinyan informed us today. According to the lawyer, representatives of the General Prosecutor’s office yesterday visited Papyan and promised to ensure that the investigation into his case was conducted in a fair and competent fashion.

“That was not however the main reason for ending the hunger strike. We realized that his life would be in serious danger if he went on refusing food,” Makinyan said, adding that his client nevertheless intended to continue his fight for justice.

Papyan has been serving a nine-year prison sentence for murder since 2012 and was recently charged with bribing Armavir prison chief Gevorg Mkrtchyan in order to receive special privileges in jail. The case is currently pending in court; in the meantime, Papyan has been sent to continue serving his sentence in Nubarashen.

The prisoner went on a hunger strike over a month ago to protest against the actions of the body conducting the proceedings and the prosecutor responsible for overseeing the preliminary investigation process. Papyan insists that the newly-filed criminal charge is not supported by any substantial evidence.