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New Generation Wants Institutions, Not Authorities: About Protests in Stepanakert

April (of 2016) has changed the mindset of Artsakh youth quite a bit. Opposition MP Hayk Khanumyan announced this during a special session of the Artsakh National Assembly. He talked about the recent protests in Stepanakert.

“If, in the past, the older generation enjoyed special respect because they had liberated our homeland, now the youth has also fought for it. The young generation was at the frontline in April, new realities have taken place. The new generation says – boys, I have also fought, I have also defended the homeland. It’s not enough to fight, we need to live freely, we need to live fairly, no one should be oppressed. We shouldn’t have the things that led to the well-known events in Yerevan, the atmosphere of which has caused all this.”, Khanumyan said.

According to the MP, the new generation no longer wants to live in accordance with authority. Instead it wants clear principles and functional institutions.

Khanumyan says that people from all over Artsakh are joining the protests, including contract servicemen.

“They call the president from Russia and tell him – make a decision, this isn’t acceptable. Hundreds of people call from Russia, including rich ones. They say they are there because of this or that person. These names should be announced. These facts should be analyzed. We might find out that there is a feudal or semi-feudal system in Hadrut, with mass violations of people’s rights on every step – from deprivation of the right to free entrepreneurship to violation of their dignity. Two names have been clearly revealed. First is Gagik Sargsyan, Deputy Director of the National Security Service, who the youth despises. We need to ensure this man’s safety, because they might make him leave his office and beat him up. His son does I don’t know what in town. The second is Kamo Aghajanyan – the chief of police and his brothers. They commit all sorts of unlawful actions. These two names are clear. These persons should be brought in front of people saying these facts”, said Khanumyan.