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Police Chief Blames Release of Masis Mayor on Judiciary

Commenting on the videos featuring Masis Mayor Davit Hambardzumyan, his deputy Karen Ohanyan and their allies allegedly involved in a violent attack on anti-government demonstrators in Yerevan in April, Armenia’s Police Chief Valeri Osipyan told the journalists in parliament that the police have done everything possible within their authority. Recall, that all of them are accused of organizing and carrying out mass disorders.

“The police and the investigative bodies have done everything they were supposed to, yet you know who and which bodies are in charge of administration of justice in our republic. The court made the decision. So, please, address these questions to the respective bodes,” – told Osipyan.

-Still, do the police possess video materials that prove the involvement of mayor of Masis and his allies in mass disorders?

– I suppose enough materials were available and based on that the Court together with the investigative body made such a decision. Please, address these questions to the Court.

Recall, that on 2 June, the judge of Yerevan Court of General Jurisdiction Tatevik Grigoryan, ordered the immediate release of the mayor of Masis Davit Hambardzumyan and his deputy Karen Ohanyan. The judge rejected the investigator’s motion on the arrest of the suspects and denounced the decision on their arrest as unlawful. The release on bond was chosen as the preventive measure of Hambardzumyan and Ohanyan.