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Protesting Mine Employees “Fell Into Management’s Trap,’ Villager Says

The January 11 protest action near the Teghut mine “reeked of Serzh [Sargsyan], Shnogh villager Lyova Alikhanyan said in conversation with Epress.am. Recall, dozens of residents of Shnogh and Teghut villages had on Monday blocked the road leading to the mine, demanding reinstatement to their jobs. Nearly 1,200 employees were laid off in late January, after CJSC Teghut had announced in they were  indefinitely suspending the operation of the copper-molybdenum deposit in the Teghut forest.

According to Alikhanyan, the management of the mine would use the former mine employees demonstration to convince the new government to give them an opportunity to re-launch the mine since “people want jobs.”

“The [protesters] did not even realize they had fallen into [the management’s] trap. They will now take this petition and go to Nikol [Pashinyan],” Alikhanyan said.

The man noted that he has filed a material damages claim against the mine management with the European Court of Human Rights. “I’ll probably get my money, but there are a lot families in the same boat who have not filed Court complaints.”

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