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Serzh Sargsyan’s Nephew “Franklin Gonsalez” Found in Prague

Armenia’s police reports that as a result of concerted efforts made by various departments of the Armenian police, the National Central Bureau of the Interpol, Interpol itself and the law enforcement bodies of a number of European states, Narek Alexander’s Sargsyan internationally declared wanted by the police of Armenia was found in Prague on December 6.

“When found, he presented a fake passport of Guatemala with an identification of Franklin Gonsalez.”

The Chief Prosecutor’s office has embarked on organizing the process of extradition.

Narek Sargsyan, who is nephew of the former President of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan, was charged on June 26th with criminal offences of the Criminal Code of Armenia for having illegally acquired, possessed, disposed of, transported, worn weapons, armament, explosive materials and devices, as well as for organizing illegal circulation, sale or preparation of drugs, psychotropic materials and precursors thereof.

On July 6, a search warrant was issued to find Narek Sargsyan nationally and on July 24, internationally.