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“My Step” Wins by a Landslide, Republican Party is Wiped Out

“My Step” alliance led by acting Prime-Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan has won an overwhelming majority in the early parliamentarian elections of December 9. Another two political parties have made to the Parliament. The voter turnout rate was 48.63% of which 70.43 have voted for “My Step.”

According to the preliminary results announced by the Central Electoral Committee, the votes were cast in the following manner:

My Step – 70․43% (884,456 votes)

Prosperous Armenia –  8,27 (103,824)

Bright Armenia – 6,37 (80,024)

Republican Party of Armenia – 4.7 (59,059)

Armenian Revolutionary Federation – 3,89 (48,811)

“Menq” Alliance –  2 (25,174)

Sasna Tsrer – 1,82 (22,862)

Orinats Yerkir – 0,99 (12,389)

Citizen’s Decision – 0,68 (8,530)

Christian Democratic Renaissance – 0,51 (6,456)

National Progress – 0,33 (4,122)

Besides the political force headed by Nikol Pashinyan, Prosperous Armenia and Bright Armenia parties have also made to the Parliament. The Republican Party that has reigned the Parliament in the past has not overcome the 5% threshold and will not be in the new Parliament.

After the ballot stations were closed, Nikol Pashinyan commented on the low voter turnout rate. He mentioned that the reason for the higher turnout rates recorded in previous times was due to  “turnout” of voters absent from the country, as well as deceased people whose names were still in the lists. He also highlighted that this time people were not forcibly shoved to ballot stations as previously organized by the former authorities. Many may have seen no intrigue in the current elections and have preferred to stay home, states Pashinyan.