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The Velvet  Revolution Against “ramil safarov” and Kocharyan’s Monopoly

Regarding the Facebook post “On us, the Soros grant-eaters” of Daniel Ionnisyan, Project Coordinator of the Union of Informed Citizens NGO

First, let me quote the Facebook post: “The case of Kyaram and other soldiers killed in the April war proved to us that only the poor are on the frontline and that the state and the army have been plundered for decades.

The vigensargsyan propaganda (now led by the “AdekvaDs”), is trying to abuse the tragedy of Kyaram and other killed solders for “uniting the nation around supreme commander Serzh” (for that very purpose unite around what is coined “nation-army”). That same Serzh who announced his willingness to hand over the 7 regions.

Whereas we, the “soros grant-eaters” are regularly voicing about the beheading of Kyaram Sloyan, the brutal killing of peaceful population in Talish, the heroification of Ramil Safarov at various international structures and in our discussions with foreign officials. We voice in order to show the real face of the Azerbaijani authorities, in order to justify why the Armenian side cannot hand over territories to Azerbaijan… In other words, while Serzh Sargsyan was promising to hand over lands, we were justifying the opposite.

At the same time, here in Armenia, we were showing the statistics of the casualties of the April war to prove the injustice that has been created according to which the rich do not belong in the frontline.

And now that vigensargsyan-type “Adekvads” and kocharyan fakes are accusing us of being traitors and not respecting the memory of Kyaram Sloyan. How wonderful!”

This is type of a conversation that is void of “ideological debate.” “Ideological” in the sense of alternative relations between people.  About achieving, creating, securing and defending territories and opportunities for these relations.

The “genetic incompatibility” between the Armenians and Azeris declared by the Kharabakh clan fed from the conflict and the head of the warmonger party Robert-Kocharyan has opened up a wilderness for racist logic. We are speaking of territories as if in places like Fizouli and Aghdam there never were, are and will be people, individuals, groups, genders, workers, supervisors, workers, nations, societies, unemployed people, animals, newborns, protestants, artists, classes.

The “sorosers” have no alternative. This is not the problem. The problem is that someone starts negotiating over territories on my behalf, when I am offered to be satisfied with my victory over Serzh in Serzh’s own field. Why shouldn’t Serzh or Vigen do the negotiations? Just because they are handing over? Why is Daniel negotiating then? Just because he is arguing with the Adekvats and is speaking favorable things in international platforms for us, the Armenians?

There is no need to place the Karabakh war comprised of a few successful self-defense episodes and total plunder into a logic of winning/losing.

Hearing the word “Azerbaijan” or seeing a Turk, we immediately remember of beheaded heads and ramil safarovs. Maybe because we can’t remember anything else. Serzh, for example, has much to remember, but is lying about Azerbaijan: perhaps for the sake of his wealth, power etc. While we are lying for the sake of the democratization of the Armenian people and are relying on those who behead. The Bakuvians surviving in Yerevan kommunalkas or Vardenis villages emptied of Azerbaijanis do know about Azerbaijan. There is no one, however, to ask them: these “Turkified” people were too much Russian-speaking and incompatible with the national-liberational awakening of the 90s. Now our universities and mass media are producing their own Azerbaijan experts. The only benefit of the refugees is that they are a demonstrative evidence: they can be pointed to when speaking of Sumgait pogroms.

Once in a while, when there is a urge to smash narek malyans and vigens in Facebook, it is possible to keep silent and avoid platforms (even if they are international) and allow for the faint voice of those people be heard who do not find the “century-long conflict” impossible to be resolved.

The Azerbaijani authorities, Robert Kocharyan and the media serving them are lying about Azerbaijanis, those in this side of the border and are making the interests of people identical with those of the military, economic and political power.

The Velvet Revolution has come to smash monopolies in the economy, culture, education, mass media and foreign policy-making, in Armenian-Azerbaijani relations. Let’s grab this monopoly from Kocharyan, Vigen, Vardan Oskanyan and others who depend on “ramil safarovs”. Hate speech and the “impossibility” to resolve the problem do not boost the collective immunity, combat readiness, but only alienate people from participating in solutions about themselves. To know and not to hate does not mean to be weakened and to lose.

Yuri Manvelyan