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September, 2019

  • 14 September

    New Charges Brought Against Serj Sargsyan’s Brother 

    The charges brought against Lyova Sargsyan describe schemes of financial fraud and embezzlement of a $250 million project, wherein subcontracting companies used the power and influence...

  • 14 September

    Osipyan to Account for August 19 or Resign 

    Those gathered were prevented by heavy police forces to use the public space on the pavement of the Presidential Residence and were forced to stand across the street, a practice emulating the authoritarian times.

  • 14 September

    No Grounds to Release Kocharyan: Prosecutor’s Office 

    In all those cases, when it will become clear that the criminal prosecution is incompatible with the functional immunity of the person, the body in charge of prosecution will be objectively deprived...