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Police Chief Osipyan Sacked and Appointed Chief Advisor to the Prime Minister

Valery Osipyan is relieved of his post of Chief of Police of Armenia by the decree of the President of Armenia as proposed by the Prime Minister. The incumbent head of police is first deputy of Chief, Arman Sargsyan.

After the decision of sacking Osipyan was disclosed, Osipyan made a statement. “I have all my life served the state and the people, law and justice following the officer’s honor and dignity as the sole guidance and standard. From now on, I will continue serving my people by that same standard of principle and morality. I will speak of the reasons of leaving this post in the future.

Today, I want to express my deep gratitude to the Armenian people for valuing the work of the policeman and the reforms carried out, I want to thank the entire staff of the police from Private to General, I want to thank the police forces, my gratitude extends to the public council adjunct to the Chief of Police, to the mass media for standing next to  us in this complicated and responsible period for the state.

I thank all those with whom I have passed a long and difficult road in carrying out our noble service. I wish you all a good and selfless service, resolute commitment to the officer’s honor and dignity, determination and readiness for decision-making.

I am grateful to everybody for their professional and selfless service.

I have the honor,” read Osipyan’s statement.

This is the second in this week retirement of a high official in the law enforcement bodies. The earlier dismissal was that of Artur Vanetsyan, head of the National Security Service.

While commenting on his resignation, Artur Vanetsyan said: “I would like to say something important, to call on everyone not to attempt to catch fish in murky waters, not to pull me into their games. For the past 1.5 years I have held the position of the head of NSS, I carried out my job with honor, great responsibility and the positive outcomes are evident to all. The reputation and ranking that NSS has acquired is the most important and lasting value for me. I think I have largely succeeded in it.”