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Russia Marring Armenia through an MP “elected” in Crimea 

Political analyst Ruben Mehrabyan writes that the Russian State Duma’s delegation to arrive in Armenia on November 4 2019 on an official visit, will include Natalya Poklonskaya, an MP “elected” from annexed Crimea. “This is certainly a problem as the Russian are cooking up something with us in order to marginalize Armenia internationally and mar it,” wrote Mehrabyan on his Facebook page and drew the attention of a number of political actors on the issue, by tagging Ararat Mirzoyan, Speaker of the Parliament, Arman Davoyan, Speaker of the Prime minister, MPs Arman Babajanyan, Edmon Marutyan and Andranik Kocharyan.

Artur Sakunts of Helsinki Citizen’s Assembly Vanadzor has commented that such an act is aimed at not only establishing Kremlin’s dominance over Armenիa, but also at ostracizing Armenia politically.

“Clearly, the Putin regime is acting in accordance with its nature, values and interests, however these have nothing in comment with the nature, values and interests of the new democratic state of Armenia. This is a moment of testing genuineness, while Armenia’s authorities must pass the test and remain true to the values they have proclaimed.

Armenia is not a landfill for totalitarian waste,” wrote Artur Sakunts.

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