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If Pashinyan is Ousted, No Revolutionaries will Be Coming 

More and more is the impression enforced that Nikol Pashinyan has a phobia from the 98 coup d’état. He’s haunted by the fear of living up to the same fate as Ter-Petrosyan when Robert Kocharyan, Vazgen Sargsyan and Serj Sargsyan forced his resignation.

Of course, Nikol’s reputation is much different from that of Ter-Petrosyan’s last years, however that does not reassure him enough. Vazgen Sargsyan is no longer around, however Kocharyan, Serj and all their apparatus and money are there. They have ruled Armenia for 20 years and know very well what kind of a heritage they have left behind. In general terms, they continue to view the society as a brainless mass which can be herded in any direction and can be governed with negative values.

Pashinyan gave way to his fears and entered into this vicious cycle. As a governing power, he decided to use the language of his predecessors before the danger would be gone. He, however, does not notice that he is getting even more entangled in this swamp out of which he will not be able to get. Of course, he has made many mistakes, he has said good bye to his revolutionary friends too soon and has entered the bureaucratic apparatus without a map where he has acquired a status of a newcomer and a stranger.

However, we need to support Nikol and drive for local changes because if he is ousted, no other revolutionaries will come, those that will come will be the generations of the old political forces, the ones born out of the 20-year-old seeds.

Gayane Ayvazyan