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3 Servicemen Perish, 1 Survives in Avalanche 

The Ministry of Defense states that 4 military contractors were caught in an avalanche in Syunik Marz, near N military unit’s guarding zone on February 7, 2020.

Bodies of three of them, Karapet Nazaryan (born in 1991), Tigran Arzumanyan (born 1994) and Never Shahbazyan (born 1995) were found dead. Contract serviceman Hamlet Mirzoyan (born in 1998) was saved from the avalanche by the rescue team. Hamlet’s health condition is considered satisfactory.

A criminal investigation has opened based on Part 2 of Article 376 of the Criminal Code, Official Negligence by a Service Head or Official that has Resulted in Severe Consequences.

An avalanche in the same region took the life of an army soldier in 2018 as well.