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Serzh Sargsyan and His Well-Worn “Security for Armenia and NK” Resurface as Sargsyan is Tried in Court

Charged for organizing the embezzlement of half a billion AMD from the state budget, Serzh Sargsyan addressed the crowd gathered in front of the courthouse on the occasion of his court trial and called on his “supporters” never to forget about the security of the Republic of Armenia. He also decided to mention Karabakh reinstating that it will never be part of Azerbaijan. 

Headed by former Republican politicians, a few dozen people gathered in front of General Jurisdiction Court of Yerevan where a trial hearing was appointed against Serzh Sargsyan and others. Hayk Mamijanyan, head of the youth organization of the Republican party, said that people came spontaneously, “to express their discontent”, nothing was organized. 

Sacked president Sargsyan spoke in a loudspeaker and thanked the relatives of those present for not attempting to persuade people to “stay at home in this unfavorable weather.”

In a fragmented and slow speech, Sargsyan resorted to the timeworn topics of “the security of the Republic of Armenia” and that he would never allow that “Nagorno Karabakh be part of Azerbaijan.” “I have stated from the highest podiums in the world and I repeat it again that Karabakh will never be part of Azerbaijan! This has been the ultimate purpose of my life, it will continue to be so until the end and everywhere. Thank you very much, good bye, see you next time,” concluded Sargsyan. 

The representatives of the ousted government have recently made it frequent to present ongoing trials against former officials as a “clash” between Armenia and Karabakh. The same is happening in Karabakh, according to oppositional figures there. The incumbent authorities in NK portray the government in Armenia as alien and against the interests of the NK people. 

The other figures charged in this criminal case are Sergo Karapetyan, former Minister of Agriculture; Barsegh Beglaryan, owner of “Flesh” petroleum importing and retail company; Gevorg Harutyunyan, former official of the Ministry of Agriculture. The measure for Serzh Sargsyan’s restraint is signature for not leaving.