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8 Confirmed Covid-19 Cases in Armenia as of March 13

In a Facebook address on March 13, 2020, Minister of Health Arsen Torosyan confirmed 8 cases of the new Coronavirus-infected people in Armenia. The last five cases were related to the infection spread by a traveller from Italy in a family celebration in Etchmiatsin. All the participants of the family celebration were isolated on March 12, tests were conducted and on March 13, the already the known cases were added by 2. Health Minister Torosyan assures that the localized spread of the virus is a better situation from epidemiological perspective. The majority of Covid-19-positive persons do not have particular complaints, only 1 person undergoes symptomatic treatment for light pneumonia.

Tests for the first batch of 31 isolated persons have been taken, so far none of them has shown signs of symptoms and if negative, they will be sent home. The first case was detected on March 1st in a man returning from Iran.

Schools will be shut for another week from March 15.

The Ministry urges everyone to refrain from mass public interactions, including of personal nature (weddings, birthdays etc) in case they have flu-like symptoms and to turn to medics. Minister Torosyan urges the elderly population to take extra measures of protection, remain at home.